Dear friends and colleagues,

We have received many emails asking that we post free resources to help teachers during these difficult times. I certainly understand how challenging it is right now for teachers. In fact, I think it is always challenging for teachers. We will continue to do our very best to support you.

Since 2013, I have made my website free for everyone. In addition, we post free math challenges during every school vacation. Currently, TJ has posted both our Spring Break and March Math-ness Challenges as well as two of our puzzle packs. They can be accessed at

To help more, I have been doing free, virtual workshops for teachers, students, and parents every day. If you and your colleagues need help planning a virtual lesson, I am available for a 30-minute session via Zoom. If you want me to model a lesson with your students or work with your parents, I can do that too. You can find information at

Subscribers to our Tangy Tuesday and Wordy Wednesday puzzles have asked if they can share their classroom subscriptions with their whole school. I respectfully ask that you, and they, do not. Our puzzles represent many years of hard work by my son Greg Jr, my stepson TJ, and my wife Tammy. The subscriptions you and others have purchased help support their children and pay their mortgages.

For teachers and schools looking for downloadable materials, I have thousands of worksheets and center activities available for free at My materials cover all 4 operations, arithmetic equations and tape diagrams, and include games and activities like Kakooma and Expresso.

Our resource page also has our word problem generator and digital versions of my 8 picture books including The Grapes of Math, Math Appeal, and Math-terpieces.

If you live in the Kansas City area, Tammy and I will be hosting more Saturday Morning Math MEETups as soon as we are able to meet in large groups again. We will post information on Twitter (@gregtangmath) and at

We are committed to helping you, your students, and your families. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and discovers a silver lining during these difficult times.