Covid-19 Update
For the first time since 2014, we will not be hosting our national Math Plus Conference or any regional, summer conferences. But there is a silver lining. We are starting a Virtual Math Academy that kicks off the summer with a series of 20 virtual workshops, each given multiple times. Teachers will now have more flexibility with 20 dates to choose from, the choice of 2 or 4 workshops per day, and the option to sign up for a half day, 5 days, or a number in between.
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Secondary Math Institute

Greg Tang is the NY Times best-selling author of The Grapes of Math, gold medal eBook Math Appeal, and 6 other books from Scholastic. His website has over 93 million page views and is a cornerstone of school curriculums around the world. Greg is a keynote and featured speaker at national math, literacy, and technology conferences.
Eddie Woo teaches high school mathematics in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of It’s a Numberful World and Eddie Woo’s Magical Maths. His YouTube channel has more than 800K subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 50 million times. In 2018, Eddie was named one of the Top 10 teachers in the world by the Varkey Foundation and he was also named one of Australia’s Local Heroes.


The cost of our one-day institute is $289, and that includes coffee and danish in the morning and lunch at noon.

Group Discounts: For 3+ registrations use code Group3 at checkout to get $10 off per person, use code Group10 for 10+ registrations to receive a $20 per person discount.

We also have a special student discount for pre-service teachers. Please contact us at: for more information or questions.

Our goal is to make this the best day of learning you have ever experienced. We hope you will help us spread the word by sharing our link with your friends and colleagues:

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July 31st

Keynote Sessions

Dispositions for Mathematical Success
Eddie Woo

One of the central challenges to effective mathematics learning is that we must cultivate an environment and a view of mathematics that motivates students to undertake the work of learning. In this session, we will explore aspects of mathematics that are often under-emphasised but must be recovered to engage a broad range of students in our beautiful and practical subject.

Addressing Anxiety: Emotions in the Classroom
Eddie Woo

The vast majority of people, mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike, would consider mathematics an unemotional subject. But the reality we know as educators is that students (and their parents!) will both engage and disengage with our subject on an emotional basis. The joyful satisfaction of solving a complex problem is often counterbalanced by the unshakable dread of many who find mathematics unpalatable. Why is anxiety a special issue in the mathematics classroom, and how do we help our students overcome it?

Breakout Sessions

Exploring Functions Dynamically
Eddie Woo

Functions are central to the usefulness of mathematics in the real world - but they are often viewed as pointless and abstract when left in merely algebraic terms. Students can gain a deeper understanding of this topic by exploring the patterns that lead to functions, and the functions themselves, in a dynamic way with the aid of technology.

Building Bridges
Greg Tang

High school math is all about thinking abstractly and algebraically, but what if your students are not ready to think that way? What if they have gaps in knowledge and deficits in key skills? Do many high school students still struggle with arithmetic? Have trouble with fractions and decimals? Find negative numbers perplexing?

In this session, we will explore effective ways to re-teach key skills including integer operations, percent change, and linear equations. We will use teaching methods that build on the ways kids learn and how they have been taught since elementary school. We will leverage a progression of concrete and pictorial models they already know.

A key insight is how we teach should be determined by how our kids learn and the skills they have – not the skills they should have. Join us as we scaffold and build bridges from where our kids are to where they need to be.

Number Systems. The Cartesian Revolution
Eddie Woo

Most of us think of the Cartesian plane as a way to map out coordinates which eventually leads to functions, but it was actually a watershed for our ability to conceptualise numbers themselves in a way that allows us to use our visual intuition. This session will explore the connections between deductive geometry and coordinate geometry, as well as lay the foundations for students' future understanding of concepts like complex numbers.

Visualizing Mathematics
Greg Tang

Are there visual tools that can help students develop proportional reasoning skills, make sense of algebraic equations, understand ratios, unit rates, and eventually slope? Tools that are so intuitive that kids and adults of all ages find them immediately compelling and clear?

In this elective session, we will explore how teachers can help kids think more naturally and visually before asking them to think abstractly and algebraically. We will use a variety of tools to make sure we are giving students the specific scaffolds they need, including tape diagrams, area models, double-sided number lines, tables, and trees.

We will solve challenging word problems 3 ways, using a progression of visual models and algebraic equations. Our goal is to give teachers and students options when teaching and learning important math concepts and skills. Will we balance equations and use substitution to simplify and solve for x? Yes, but we’ll do it visually, not algebraically. In mathematics, seeing really is believing!

X-Ray Glasses: Using Statistics to Interpret the World
Eddie Woo

Data is used in decision-making all the time, but the reality is that most people lack the numeracy to truly understand the statistics they encounter each day. From hearing the news to sitting in a doctor's appointment, statistical interpretation is a key skill that our students must develop if they are to successfully navigate the big data world around them. This session unpacks some of the keys to teaching statistics effectively and giving students a sense of its practical power.

Thinking Algebraically
Greg Tang

What does it mean to think algebraically? Does it mean we are adept at manipulating both sides of an equation so everything stays in balance? Or does it mean we are good at substituting and solving for unknown variables? Neither. Algebraic thinking is about making sense of patterns and relationships, generalizing, and figuring out how things work and why things change.

In this session, we will model, solve, and likely struggle with a purposeful progression of challenging "rate times time” problems and even more challenging rate of change problems. We will quickly see that our ability to manipulate variables and equations doesn’t help us much, but being able to visualize, see patterns, make sense of relationships, and generalize does.

Together, we will solve problems in multiple ways and look for patterns that connect seemingly disparate problem types. Could there be a single approach to solving these problems that, if generalized, would help us make sense of key concepts in math, physics, and even economics? If there were, wouldn’t it be great? Join us and see!


Sulgrave Regency Ballroom
200 W 49th St
Kansas City, MO 64112

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The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Internationally recognized for its collection of more than 33,500 objects and artifacts from ancient times to modern day.

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To make sure everyone is caffeinated and on time for Eddie's opening keynote, we will provide coffee and tea from 7:30-8:00. We will provide lunch from 12:00-12:30, and from 2:45-3:00, we will have dessert from local Kansas City chocolatier Andrés Confiserie Suisse. It is all part of your conference registration fee. We want you to enjoy your time with us!

Why don’t other conferences supply breakfast and lunch like us? Because it’s expensive. But we believe it’s money well-spent as it allows us to compress our schedule and offer additional workshops each day. In addition, one of the important goals of our conference is to encourage camaraderie and collegiality and eating together is a great way to meet new people and get to know our friendly presenters.

Course Credit

Our 1-day workshops are eligible for .5 semester unit of college credit through Humboldt State University for an additional cost. These courses are offered primarily for elective or professional development purposes. The cost is $25 per 1/2 semester credit.

For attending a Greg Tang math workshop you will also receive course completion certificate which will be emailed to you at the end of the institute.

If there are special requirements you or your state have for CEUs, please contact us at: as soon as possible so we can attempt to accommodate you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, we accept credit card payments on our website. After completing your registration information you will be taken to the payments page where you can complete your registration using your credit card. You will receive an email once your payment has been processed.

Can I register using a purchase order?
Of course! We know that many districts will only allow workshop registration using purchase orders. Once you complete your registration information, you will be taken to a page to complete your payment information. Your registration is not confirmed until you enter your purchase order information or complete purchase with credit card. If you do not have a PO # at the time of registration, enter "email" in the PO # field and send us an email at to confirm your registration. You can email, fax or mail your PO to the information below. Payment is preferred prior to the event.

Do you have a paper registration form?
We accept registrations using this form, although we cannot guarantee space will be available at the time of receipt. To ensure your spot is saved for the workshop, you must first register online: registration link. If your school requires paper registration, you should still complete the online registration and save your spot by entering the purchase order number as "Paper".

When is my payment due?
Payments are due prior to the event. We can accept cash, check and all major credit cards on-site at the workshop if prior arrangements have been made.

Do you offer group discounts?
For our 1-day events we offer group discounts for groups of 3 or more. For 3+ registrations use code Group3 at checkout to get $10 off per person, use code Group10 for 10+ registrations to receive a $20 per person discount. There are no early-bird discounts for our 1-day events.

I am unable to attend. Can someone take my spot?
Yes, you can switch out attendees at any point leading up to the conference. Just send us a quick email to with the name of the attendee who is unable to join, and the name, grade level, and email address of their replacement. In-case there are last minute changes, have the replacement let us know at check-in who they will be filling in for.

What happens if I have to cancel?
We understand there are times where you may be unable to attend a conference you have registered for. If cancellation is done more than 30-days from the event, we will refund your registration cost minus a $100 administration fee. We will waive the cancellation fee by holding the balance paid to a future workshop hosted by Creative Smarts, Inc. if requested.

There are no refunds for cancellations within 30-days of the event.

Can I get an invoice for my registration?
When you complete your registration, an automatic confirmation email is sent to the email address listed as the payment contact. This email includes a link to download your invoice. Please check your junk/spam folder to see if this email was caught up there. If you are still unable to find the invoice, write to us at with the primary registrant’s name and we will email you an invoice.

Are you a vendor for my district?
There is a good possibility we have been added as a vendor in your district for a previous workshop, if so we would be listed as "Tang Math LLC". If we are not listed as a vendor, we would be glad to provide you the information you need to have us added. Email us at and we will send over the required tax form. Our contact information is listed below.

What time is the conference?
The full daily schedule can be seen at the bottom of the sessions tab. Check-in on Wednesday, August 5th will start at 7:00 am. Further registration details will be provided nearer to the event.

May I record a session at the conference?
Audio or visual recording is not permitted at any workshop or seminar due to copyright/trademark issues.

What is your contact information?

Company name:Tang Math LLC.
Mailing address:PO Box 777850
 Henderson, NV 89077
Phone Number:858-244-0498
Fax Number:858-408-2986


The cost of our one-day institute is $289, and that includes coffee and danish in the morning and lunch at 11:15.

Group Discounts: For 3+ registrations use code Group3 at checkout to get $10 off per person, use code Group10 for 10+ registrations to receive a $20 per person discount.

We also have a special student discount for pre-service teachers. Please contact us at: for more information or questions.

Our goal is to make this the best day of learning you have ever experienced. We hope you will help us spread the word by sharing our link with your friends and colleagues:

Click here to register now!