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For the first summer since 2013, we will not be hosting our national Math Plus Conference or any regional conferences or in-person workshops. But there is a silver lining. Our Virtual Math Academy kicks off with a series of 5 virtual workshops – each given 4 times. Teachers now have 20 dates to choose from this summer and whether they take a half day (morning or afternoon) or full day (4 sessions).

Virtual reality. Will whole class and small group virtual instruction be important components of your math program this fall? Many schools think so and are revamping their curriculum to focus on key skills, strategies, and “power standards.”

At Tang Math, we want to help. Our new Virtual Math Academy provides 20 hours of world-class PD for K-8 teachers. Each session will be taught by Greg Sr and repeated throughout the summer. We hope our 1-hour, virtual sessions will help you get ready for the new school year in three important ways.

First. Greg will focus on the most important concepts at each grade level. With social distancing at school or home, teachers will not have as much direct, instructional time with their kids. Greg will show you which concrete, pictorial, and abstract models help students most, and how to teach them virtually. He will focus on fewer visual models and tools, but generalize and apply them more broadly. That’s algebraic thinking.

Second. Since all of our summer workshops are virtual, you will have the chance to experience virtual, whole class instruction, firsthand. It is a powerful and effective way for you to evaluate best virtual teaching practices, then adopt or adapt the methods you think are most effective. Greg will offer tips for modeling concepts, leading math talks, and structuring lessons – virtually or in person.

Third. Greg’s sessions provide an opportunity for you to experience the power and flexibility of digital tools and manipulatives. There are free and subscription-based internet products available, and we have also been working hard to develop our own virtual tools that make solving problems concretely, pictorially, and abstractly – easy. To teach effectively in a virtual environment, teachers need additional skills and tools. We will get you started.

Why Tang Math. Math is profoundly different than other subjects. Every skill, strategy, and standard is part of a conceptual and technical progression that begins in elementary school and builds through middle and high school. For instruction to be effective, we need to leverage foundational skills and strategies in systematic and sensible ways.

Greg Tang’s “Less Is More” approach focuses on the most important skills and strategies at each grade level – the ones that generalize well when problems get harder, and develop the abstract thinking and reasoning skills kids need as they grow older.

Since 2001, Greg has done more than 4,000 workshops, conferences, and author visits. He has transformed schools and districts – increasing understanding, test scores, and enjoyment along the way. Greg’s streamlined and sensible approach to math – together with his website with more than 100 million page views to date – are now cornerstones of school curriculums worldwide.

Since the pandemic in March, Greg and his son Greg Jr have given more than 230 free, virtual workshops to help teachers, parents, and students in the United States, Canada, and on our military bases in Europe and the Pacific. Teachers say Greg’s virtual sessions are as informative and inspiring as in-person PD, and in a truly ironic twist, many say his sessions feel more personal than the workshops they normally attend.

2020 Virtual Math Academy

1. Low floor/high ceiling activities that encourage exploration & independence.
2. Virtual tools & manipulatives that help students think visually and intuitively.
3. Clever problems that encourage metacognition and creative problem solving.
4. Tips for designing effective and enriching virtual and in-person lessons.
5. Many smiles and weirdly satisfying moments!

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You will receive your Zoom link by 2:00 pm CDT the day before our workshop.

For security reasons:
1. You must sign up on this form with a current and valid school-issued email address.
2. Your video camera must be turned on during the entire meeting.
3. We reserve the right to mute or disinvite any attendee to protect the security of others.

What people are saying about Greg:

People have used many words when describing Greg and his innovative approach to math education. And some of them can even be printed here!

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"THANK YOU so much for your presentation this morning! The classrooms are "abuzz" with Greg Tang Math!! Seriously, all the kids and teachers are talking about it. You bring such a no nonsense, laid back approach to something that seems so daunting to many, including myself!"

Cathy Gamberoni, Richmond Elementary, MA


"That was the best, most motivating, most powerful inservice in my 20 years of teaching. Thank you so much for that opportunity and thanks for re-energizing my math planning and thinking in the middle of the year. Kudos!!!!! My kids are addicted to the Kakooma puzzles after just one try!"

Miriam Krumrine, Carroll County MD

"Mahalo nui (many thanks) for another productive day with our teachers. I overheard many thoughtful conversations and could see the gears turning in people's minds. It's truly our pleasure working with you."

Chelsea Keehne, Kamehameha School

"Thank you so much for your wisdom and concern for teaching our children how to think and make connections. It was truly an amazing day!"

Marilyn White, Teacher

"I have been doing the things you taught me with my 4th graders. If I had learned math the way you explain it, it may have changed my high school years. You are helping to make big changes by helping us open our minds so we can open the minds of our kids."

Dale Leigh Doran, Wilminton, PA

"Your workshop was a mind-stretching and thought-provoking day. I am rethinking my 20 years of teaching and changing many of my math practices. Thank you so much."

Sharon Chunn, Trinity Chapel Academy

"It was a fabulous day and I so appreciate your energy, mission, drive and delivery. You are making a long lasting difference for kids that is so far reaching."

Kate Schoedinger

"Can you hear it in Boston? The teachers, parents and students are singing your praises this AM. Everyone is very excited and re- energized. Thank you for the awesome presentations yesterday!"

Theresa Gregory, Title I Math Resource Teacher


"I took some of my elementary education majors to your session in Denver. They loved you and occasionally I get a text saying “I have had issues with 11s my whole life.” We laughed and had such a good time at your session. You really are good at what you do."

Jeanine L. Haistings, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education

"We used your site in class today and the kids had a blast! Even the really reluctant math students were totally excited about the Kakooma game. They were getting the practice they need with basic facts and I'm not sure they even realized it."

Alissa Helgesson, 3rd grade teacher

"I am so glad that I took the risk as a high school teacher to attend your seminar last week at Ohio's math conference. It was fascinating to learn your theory about teaching students to think mathematically! Your simple strategy of "making things simpler by smart grouping" is very consistent with the current brain theory of learning by connections in all subject areas."

Cathy Fischer, Teacher

"I wanted to thank you again for your time and passion for math instruction. Your enthusiasm helped to spark a fire in the mathematical minds of the staff and parent community. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the parents and teachers who participated in the sessions with you. The workshop was meaningful and truly accomplished the goals that I had discussed with you. I am sure you get this type of feedback all of the time, but the following morning I was so pleased to see many of my teachers who were intimidated by the changes in math instruction writing their morning activities on the board straight from their workshop experience. Thanks to you the seeds of math passion have been planted."

Darryl Felker, Principal Mt Olive Elementary School

"It was great to meet you on Wednesday, and I have to say, you are one of the best presenters I have yet to see in the area of Math! My excitement is so toxic that I have other districts around me asking to attend! Thanks so much for all of your knowledge and your passion for Math, as it is so valuable for teachers and essential for all students!"

Annetta Spychalski, MA.Ed, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Lombard District 44

"I wanted to let you know that one of my fifth grade students, Nargina, just solved 9-number Kakooma in 25 seconds!!!! You met her on your last visit. She is definitely playing way too much! Now I have to play even more in an effort to beat her. Also, one of my fourth graders had an epiphany the other day when he connected improper fractions with the work they have been doing in bases. He explained it to his class as clearly as we could have and most of his peers 'got it'. Good stuff!"

Harry Walker, Principal


"I can honestly say that this was the best conference I have attended in years! On any topic! It was non-stop information, challenges, support and encouragement. We weren’t expected to “know” the math. We were expected to try, talk, think, construct connections, and do math. I taught first grade for 25 years and am now working with math teachers at various levels. I attended the 3-5 series and much of it was a challenge. But I never felt threatened because I didn’t already know how to do something. I learned so much! Thank you for an amazing experience."

Myra J. Collins, Math Consultant, Kirksville, MO

"Mr. Tang . . . let me just start by saying that I attended a full-day conference last year and it completely changed the way I teach! I have always considered myself a good teacher (sometimes even great), but what I learned from you last year in 6 hours revolutionized how I instruct my students! I, as well as my students, thank you greatly!"

Brandon Lewis, Lewis & Clark Elementary, Springfield MO

"Your visit had a profound effect on our students and teachers. Your passion and knowledge has ignited the math teachers and their students to think of numbers and processes in a new way. Best wishes as you continue to change the direction of math instruction for our students."

Deborah Younge, Curriculum Director, Westfall OH

"I've been teaching for 33 years, and this was one of the best workshops I've ever attended! I have been using what I've learned with my Resource students this week, and they have been responding so well!"

Iris O'Brien, Elkridge MD

"THANK YOU for such a WONDERFUL and insightful day. You gave us so many things to think about and helped recharge our batteries. The conversation on the drive home was nonstop and so energizing."

Janell Barnow, Title I Director Eudora KS

"I am a huge fan of your work and as I have been working with the CCSS, I keep thinking about how the K-5 standards have so much of the stuff that you have been educating teachers about. I went back to the notes I took from your workshops 5 years ago as well as your handouts and there are so many similarities between your materials/ideas and what's in the Common Core."

Dewey Gottlieb, Hawaii Dept of Education

"All was a buzz at lunch over your presentation. Very well received message and our director of student achievement and accountability was the most impressed!"

Jayne Lynch, Cambridge MA

"I received an overwhelmingly positive response from your workshop, including phrases such as 'the best I've ever attended.' We can't thank you enough for agreeing to come to Henrico."

Melinday Jenkins, Henrico VA

"I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful presentation today. I was so engaged and decided that I could listen to you for weeks straight. I am a special education teacher and was watching my students during your presentation – they were so engaged and involved. They even came back to class and wanted to try all their new strategies immediately. Thanks again Greg!! You were wonderful."

Jen Rogers, Special Education/Inclusion Teacher

"WOW! Your workshop was awesome yesterday. I really enjoyed your simple way of teaching students to think critically about numbers. Your whole idea of intentionally teaching students to break apart numbers to develop abstract thinking is awesome. Thanks for the great ideas and motivation for making math fun!"

Mark Berryhill, Teacher

"Thank you for the most exhilarating hour of math understanding I have ever had in my life. I am not only speaking of the new hope I have for my child, but for the opportunity to use math, myself, in a new and freeing way from here on. As I said most emphatically earlier this evening, I have a doctorate from Harvard and I just learned more about math from you in the last hour than I have learned in all my years of formal schooling."

Valerie Johnson, Parent

"Mr. Tang came to my school to do a workshop for the math teachers. His passion and concern for all students was evident throughout his workshop, but watching him in action in a third grade classroom was remarkable. The kids loved him and everyone was amazed at his ability to bring math concepts alive with clear and fun strategies that are in all his books. Just very impressed!"

Patricia Jussaume, PTO

"I have absolutely been LOVING math now that I have so many amazing strategies to begin with from day one. My kids have really grasped on to the number nicknames concept (which has helped with counting and place value tremendously already), and they are working REALLY well with the 0-129 number grids. Thank you for your guidance on these! I also wanted to let you know that the Ten Frame Mania game is an absolutely HIT in our class-they are having competitions with each other and themselves to beat the levels and have noticed some of the updates you have added (the key lock, etc.). It is truly a brilliant game that has inspired my kids in an entirely new way! I can’t wait to see what they accomplish this year!"

Ashley Bracken, Grade 1 Teacher, Franklin Smith Elementary

"Thank you so much for an outstanding workshop yesterday. My inbox is flooded with emails from administrators and teachers who are energized and anxious to try some of the strategies that you presented."

Sheila Civale, STEM Coordinator, Greenwich Public Schools


"I thought the conference was absolutely amazing! I wanted to say thank you so much for making it possible for us to stay and experience yoga and swing dancing. I am now doing yoga daily and plan on working on my swing dancing skills this year. Before the math conference I was looking for that spark that could charge me for a new year, and deeply impact who I am as an educator. Your conference was exactly that! I am so looking forward to starting the new year and helping students grow. Thank you so much for everything. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you the past several years."

Amanda Carey, Grade 5 Teacher, James Lewis Elementary

"We greatly enjoyed your workshop and began implementing some of the ideas immediately. In our daily word problem work we replaced number bonds with part-part-whole boxes and the effect was amazing. My students really seemed to pick up on the type of problem with which we were working and hence to tackle the problem more quickly. Thank you for a wonderful inservice!"

Scott Bennett, Grade 1 Teacher, Holy Apostles Catholic School