Official Time We Broke 75 Million:
1:09:41 PM

Time to celebrate 75,000,000 Pageviews!

Grand Prize (1):

Family Math Night Kit

Runner Up (2):

Class Math Kit


These are all of the entries that have April 5th - 8th as their final pick!

Teacher City State Grade Date Time
Mrs. Rabin Washington DC 4th Grade 4/5/19 3:00:00 AM
E. Kieronski Chicago IL 4th Grade 4/5/19 8:09:00 AM
M. Tibrurtini Warrenville IL 5th Grade 4/5/19 8:16:00 AM
Miss Furness Binghamton NY 5th Grade 4/5/19 9:57:00 AM
M. Tamaoka Honolulu HI 4th Grade 4/5/19 10:32:00 AM
J. Hood Rome GA 5th Grade 4/5/19 2:04:00 PM
A. Bartelmey Aurora IL 6th Grade 4/5/19 2:08:00 PM
K. Bachelder Spring TX 4th Grade 4/5/19 3:47:00 PM
B. Great Northbrook IL 6th Grade 4/5/19 4:57:00 PM
A. Haaland Spring TX 4th Grade 4/5/19 7:47:00 PM
M. Davis Wewoka OK 6-8th Math 4/6/19 10:58:00 AM
M. Ritter Catskill NY 3rd Grade 4/6/19 2:22:00 PM
M. Thiele Cuddebackville NY 1st Grade 4/7/19 8:58:00 AM
R. Smith-Hickey Kennewick WA 5th Grade 4/8/19 10:36:00 AM
L. DeGaetano Marietta GA Kindergarten 4/8/19 12:06:00 PM
M. Demer Evergreen Park IL K-5 Math Specialist 4/8/19 2:30:00 PM
P. Lavery Calgary AB 5th Grade 4/8/19 4:15:00 PM
M. Coppola Willamsville NY 2nd Grade 4/8/19 7:56:00 PM

Only one entry will be allowed per classroom. If your class enters multiple times, the last entry by March 28th will be used. Closest to the exact time we break 75 million page views will be deemed the winner, tie breaker will be the entry that was submitted first.